What You Need To Know About Gum Recontouring In Katy

What You Need To Know About Gum Recontouring In Katy

Most of us assume that only teeth issues can make people shy away from getting clicked and flashing their smile. However, may people suffer from gummy smile which makes them self-conscious and worried about the appearance of their smile. They refrain from smiling and socializing with people. If you are also one of those who think that their gums overshadow their teeth, your gummy smile can be corrected with the help of cosmetic dentistry, says dentist in 77449. Here’s a look at everything that you need to know about the gummy smiles.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

A person’s smile is determined by several factors which include the shape and size of the lips, facial muscle, shape and size of the teeth and gum tissues. A gummy smile can be caused because of the following reason:

  • Abnormal eruption of teeth which may appear unusually short when covered by excessive gum tissue even though they may actually be the proper length.
  • A hyperactive lip muscles can cause the upper lip to rise higher than normal, exposing more gum tissues when a person smiles.
  • The way the upper jaw bone develops can also cause the appearance of a gummy smile.

Is Gummy Smile Only an Aesthetic Problem?

Many people who feel uncomfortable about the amount of gum tissue they display when smiling. But a gummy smile may also be an indication of serious underlying dental conditions.

What Treatment Options are Available?

You can visit the dentist in Katy to discuss about the options for correcting your gummy smile. The dentist may suggest gum recontouring i.e. cutting away excess gum tissue for improving the appearance of smile. However, there are other treatment options as well which include:

  • Surgical lip repositioning
  • Traditional braces
  • Maxillofacial surgery

The modern cosmetic dentistry helps in addressing a wide array of dental issues and allows people to enjoy good oral health and improved appearance. If you wish to see more of your teeth and less of your gummy smile, you need to visit the dentist near me for consultation.