What Is Snap-On-Smile and How Is It Beneficial?

What Is Snap-On-Smile and How Is It Beneficial?

Not everyone is blessed with a smile of their dreams and most people wonder if they could change their smile with a snap. How wonderful it would be if you could simply snap on a beautiful smile just like you dress up in the morning for work or college. There would be no need to visit the dental office in Katy or go through the invasive procedure or surgeries. The smile would be no less than an accessory. If you are thinking that it is all a dream and not possible in reality, you must be happy to know that the dream has finally come true, says the dentist in Katy, 77449.

What Are the Benefits of a Snap-On-Smile?

The Snap-On-smile is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that offers a chance to people to beautify their smile. It is removable so there is no risk of pain and it is designed in a custom way for fitting over your existing teeth and improving the appearance of your smile in a natural way. While some people may use them temporarily, others may use them permanently, explains the dentist near you.

How It Is Done?

The procedure for getting Snap-On-smile in Katy is fast and painless. The first appointment is meant for choosing the shade and style of your new smile. The dentist will take an impression of the teeth and send it off to the dental lab for getting the appliance made. It will be ready within 2-3 weeks. The patient will be called for the final sitting where he will leave the dental office wearing the Snap-On-smile.

Benefits of Snap-On-Smile

One of the biggest benefits of Snap-On-smile is that they are suitable for everyone and needs no specific eligibility criteria for the treatment. The dental appliance can prove to be life-changing for many people as it not only restores their smile but also their confidence.

How a Snap-On Smile Can Benefit You

  • There is no food restriction and you can have anything you want with dental appliance in your mouth.
  • There is liberty to choose the style, shape, and shade of the new teeth.
  • It can successfully cover the crooked, stained, and misaligned, or missing teeth without any pain or invasive procedure.
  • The procedure saves a lot of time unlike the surgeries and other treatments that sometimes need months for showing the results.
  • The dental appliance is a cost-effective option for improving your smile as compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments.
  • The Snap-On-smile is thinner but stronger.
  • They are easy to care for and clean just like your natural teeth without any special cleaning efforts.
  • With the improvement in your smile, it also boosts your confidence.
  • There is no need for making any alterations in your natural teeth so there is no risk of damage, unlike many procedures where enamel needs to be removed.
  • The Snap-On-smile can be used for both the upper and lower arch.
  • The dental appliance can be worn and removed easily without any pain.
  • They mimic natural teeth and offer a beautiful smile.
  • Important Considerations to Make

    For people who are considering Snap-On-smile, it is important to be aware of the fact that they are not the ideal solution for everyone. Though it offers an instant improvement in the smile, it is a temporary solution. It can improve your smile only up to a certain limit and not for a lifetime. Also, the appliance would need replacement from time to time.

    Some people have also experienced changes in speech for the first few weeks after the replacement as it takes time to adjust with the appliance. Though you can wear it all day, but you must remove it during the night. Snap-on-smile is stain resistant, but excessive exposure to beverages like coffee and wine can stain them over time, says the Katy dentist near me. It needs regular brushing just like your natural teeth and you can eat and drink normally, but avoiding sticky food items can be beneficial.

    In case of any doubts, you can ask the dental office in Katy, to show you the before and after images of their patients so that you can proceed ahead with the procedure.