What Can a Fluoride Treatment Do for My Teeth?

What Can a Fluoride Treatment Do for My Teeth?

Tooth decay and other dental issues are often caused due to bacteria buildup in mouth. With proper oral hygiene habits, it is possible to stay away from serious dental problems. Another way to prevent such dental issues is by making a regular visit to dental clinic. Dentist in Katy, 77449 may also suggest Fluoride treatment for good oral health.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is often used to cure dental issues. It is a natural mineral which is found in foods that we eat. This mineral can neutralize the acid which can cause issues for teeth and gums. However, sometimes the quantities of fluoride are not sufficient in foods we eat and in such cases professional-made fluoride can be suggested. There are two types of fluoride treatments:

  • Topical Fluoride

This is a fluoride therapy which a patient can use right at his/her home. This may involve fluoridated toothpaste. This can treat tooth decay effectively. If required you may visit dental office where the mineral will be directly applied to tooth enamel.

  • Systemic Fluoride

This fluoride treatment is suggested in the form of liquid or swallowed tablets. This may include fluoridated water or dietary supplements as well.

Why you need Fluoride treatment?

Sometimes you need urgent fluoride treatment and in such cases, you must search for expert dentist near me to obtain best Fluoride treatment for such issues. Further, Fluoride treatment can be suggested in following conditions:

  • Gum disease treatment
  • For repeated cavity problem
  • For dry mouth issue
  • To prevent tooth decay

Benefits of Fluoride in dental treatment

Fluoride is a mineral which can reduce the damage or can also restore the damaged surface. It can correct tooth enamel issues that are caused due to acid and bacteria attack. Further, it can prevent cavities and can maintain proper dental health. It has its own benefits and when you wish to enjoy maximum benefits of fluoride treatment, you must try Katy dental near Cinco Ranch, Mason Rd.