Pediatric Dentistry in Katy, TX

At M&G Family Dentistry, we treat the entire family that’s includes your little ones and we want to provide them with the best dental care. We believe that prevention is the best dental treatment! Multiple pediatric dental procedures can be done by a general dentist, and we offer a variety of pediatric dental treatments that can help prevent dental caries and protect your child’s smile.
  • Oral Examinations & Dental CleaningsRoutine oral examinations & Dental cleaning every 3-6 months, are essential for your child’s dental health; it allows us to examine your child’s teeth, gums and monitor overall oral health issues, teeth eruptions, orthodontic aspects to determine any risk of complications. This allows us to address the problem before it becomes more serious and costly.

    Teaching a child proper dental hygiene is hectic, we offer routine pediatric dental cleanings with oral hygiene instruction. This allows us to use specialized tools to reach areas your child may miss, decreasing the chance of decay and cavities and imprints on your child’s brain the importance of continuous dental care.

  • Fluoride TreatmentsFor children that are still mastering dental care, fluoride treatments can help protect against plaque, bacteria, and decay. Fluoride can help strengthen enamel against acids and bacteria in the mouth.
  • SealantsDental sealants are another useful tool for preventing decay in children. It is applied to the teeth, sealing any grooves and pits that may trap debris, bacteria, and plaque. This allows your child to brush easier and get their teeth clean.
  • Pediatric Dental EmergenciesOn occasion children experience dental emergencies, resulting in chips, cracks and even dislodged teeth. While their primary teeth may not be in yet, trauma can actually impact the health of permanent teeth, so it is best to get them looked at.
  • Frequently asked questions:Children do not come with a manual so we are sure you have multiple questions in your head, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry prepared multiple FQA to help you find the answers you need
  • We treat all ages but we do not specialize in Pediatric Dentistry. So the question is:
    When does your child need to be referred to a Pediatric Dentist?
  • If you child have medical problems that complicate his/her dental treatment at our office.
  • If your child cannot sit still for a haircut, then he most likely will not sit still for a dentist.
  • If your child had negative dental experiences in the past
  • If you child is uncooperative.
  • If your child needs to be sedated for dental treatment

To find out more about dental treatment needs for your child, schedule an appointment today with our Dentist at M&G Family dentistry .We look forward to helping keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful!

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