M&G Perio Health Program

If you are an active member of the M&G Loyalty program and suffer from gum disease, the M&G Perio Health Package is the line of treatment for you! Based on recommended treatment by our dentist, choose what is affordable to you:
Periodontal ProcedureRegular ValueM&G loyalty Member Price
Full Mouth ( 4 Quadrants) Gum Therapy AKA “SRP” or “Deep Cleaning“$880$660
Periodontal Maintenance$195$110
Periodontal Bacterial Laser Debridement$500$300
Periodontal Localized Antibiotic therapy per site$125$65
Periodontal Antibiotic Gingival Irrigation per Quad$45$25
Any other periodontal procedure25% Off from regular value
OR Bundle and save big! For $990/year, receive: Full Mouth ( 4 Quadrants) Gum Therapy (M&G loyalty plan Member $660) Plus, Full Mouth Periodontal Bacterial Laser Debridement- BLD : (M&G loyalty plan Member $300) Plus, 3 Periodontal Maintenance per year (one every 3 month)+(BLD as needed) M&G loyalty plan Member $110 X 3 = $330  
Please note that:
  • Patient has to have an active fully paid membership plan.
  • Member using this bundle offer will be replacing 2 of their paid regular cleaning with 2 of periodontal maintenance.
  • Total payment with the offer is membership fee + $990