M&G Membership Plan

M&G Loyalty Plan Fee Schedule:

(Regular check up Exam + Regular Cleaning + Fluoride + x-rays) Twice a year

Plus, One Emergency Exam visit & Xrays

For Only $300 Per year for adults and $180 Per year for Children under 14yrs

[ Regular Value of $380]

ProcedureRegular ValueM&G loyal Member Pricing
Additional Limited Exam + xrays$65 + $45$55
Panoramic Xrays$98$65
Additional “Adult regular Cleaning”$120$95
Additional Topical Fluoride Application$35$20
Any other preventive or diagnostic procedure30% Off from regular value
Porcelain Crown$1200$800 (30% off)
Any Tooth colored fillings25% Off from regular value
Root Canal treatments25% Off from regular value
Core Build up OR Post & core30% Off from regular value
Any other restorative or prosthetic work30% Off from regular value
Recement Crown or Bridge$150$90
Temporary Crowns$485$375
Any Extractions Simple or surgical25% Off from regular value
Wisdom Teeth Extractions25% Off from regular value
Any other Surgical procedure25% Off from regular value
Bone Graft for Ridge Preservation$850$285
Guided tissue Regeneration [ Barrier]$850$285
Implant + Abutment + Crown$4200$3200
Teeth Whitening$550$249.99
Invisalign$600 Off from regular value
Porcelain Veneer per tooth$1200$850
Full Mouth (4 Quadrants) Gum Treatment AKA “SRP” or “Deep Cleaning“$880$660
Periodontal Maintenance$195$110
Periodontal Bacterial Laser Debridement Full mouth (4 Quadrants)$500$300
Periodontal Localized Antibiotic therapy per site$125$65
Periodontal Antibiotic Gingival Irrigation per Quad$45$25
Any other procedure not listed above25% Off from regular value
Any Porcelain lab work: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers are under warranty for 5 years against breakage or chipping with regular checkups & cleanings every 6 month for period of 5 years. For periodontal procedures, please refer to M&G Perio Health plan for bundle pricing.