M&G Loyalty Plan

Introducing: M&G Loyalty Program

No dental insurance? No worries! We’ve got you covered.

A Revolutionary new program from M&G Family Dentistry! It’s not insurance. It’s better than insurance! One annual fee, No monthly premiums, NO deductibles, and ALL your membership fees go toward your dental health!

Plus, the healthier your teeth are, the less you pay!

Terms & conditions

This program is an in house discount plan and not a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used:

  • Along with any other dental plan or insurance.
  • For workers’ comp claims
  • For referrals to specialists (for instance, if you require a trip to an oral surgeon)
  • In conjunction with any other discounts or promotions
  • For the purchase of products (including toothbrushes, toothpaste, whitening products, etc.


  • Pay your Membership fees: Annually
  • Get your (2 Exams & xrays , 2 regular cleaning ,Fluoride and1 emergency visit & xrays ) covered under your membership fees
  • Receive your eligible discounts on dental treatment needs and save big
  • Enjoy a healthy mouth and come back to periodic checkups and maintenance
Why M&G Loyalty Program
One Annual feeExpensive monthly premiums plus deductible , office co-pays, office visit fees ….etc
Savings and discounts on all your treatment needsMost plans have a maximum coverage of $1500 per year after that you pay out of pocket
Flexible optionsToo many limitations and exclusions
No claims to submitMust submit claim and wait for reimbursement, if insurance did not pay , patient pays for treatment cost
No claims rejected and lengthy annoying phone calls with insurance agentsComplex and confusing claim submission process and delayed reimbursement
No waiting period – use benefits immediatelyWaiting period before benefits are issued
No missing tooth clauseMissing tooth clause, insurance will not cover bridges or implants on previously missing teeth
Know you bottom line prices from the beginningInsurances Never guarantee their payments Your initial prices are estimated. Wait on insurance claims to be paid then know your exact prices
Quick and easy automatic enrollment Enroll at any time during the yearInconvenient, long application process Only when market is open, if you miss the deadline, you cannot enroll
We also Care about your family and friends: Ask us about our unique Care to Share Referral Program: Refer a new patient to M&G Family Dentistry and you both will receive a credit of $25 towards dental treatment (excluding exams and whitening).