How Do I Know Whether I Need Tooth Reshaping?

How Do I Know Whether I Need Tooth Reshaping?

Reshaping the teeth which are also known as stripping, enameloplasty or slenderizing is a procedure to remove small amounts of enamel from the tooth to alter the surface, shape or the length of the tooth. The procedure is undertaken to improve the appearance of the individual by creating more consistency in the looks of his or her smile. The procedure can as well be performed for balancing the teeth for making the bite more even. If you want to understand whether you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure it is suggested that you discuss with a dentist in Katy who will be able to provide you adequate information about the same.

Reshaping is a conservative cosmetic treatment which is quick and painless to make the results visible to you immediately. If you discuss your requirement with dental specialists offering tooth reshaping in Katy you will be in a better position to decide whether you should be undergoing this cosmetic procedure or not.

Do You Need To Consider Tooth Reshaping?

You can consider this procedure if you have to:

  • Fix tiny chips in your teeth.
  • Smoothen out bulges or pits in the enamel.
  • Reshape irregular teeth caused by several uneven teeth.
  • Adjust the length of your teeth [the pointed teeth on the side of your mouth].

This procedure can improve your overall dental health by removing overlaps or crevices between your teeth which are perfect places for tartar and plaque to accumulate. It is however not recommended if your teeth have many imperfections like substantial chips or deep fractures. It cannot be considered as a substitute for bonding or veneers despite often being used with these procedures. You are suggested to discuss with dentist 77449 to determine if this the appropriate procedure for you.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

You could be tempted to visit Katy dentist near me to collect more information about the procedure if you are short on time. However, you are suggested to visit Katy dental near Cinco Ranch, Mason Rd., as they will be able to educate you better on this subject.

The dental office in Katy will initially obtain x-rays of your teeth to determine if the size of the pulp in your teeth as well as the location. Your request for reshaping may be considered as unsuitable if the pulp in your tooth is lying close to the surface or the enamel is not thick. You may be recommended bonding or veneers instead of tooth reshaping.

Tiny amounts of enamel will be removed by the dentist by using a tiny disc or a fine diamond bur. Your dentist may consider using a strip of sandpaper to reach imperfect places between the teeth for shaping and smooth the sides. After the shaping is completed your dentist will polish your teeth.

The procedure needs no anesthesia as the reshaping does not affect the pulp in the tooth and can, therefore, be considered painless. Special care or follow-up is not necessary if the reshaping was not combined with other procedures such as bonding or veneers.

The Risks Of Tooth Reshaping

The enamel removed from the tooth cannot be replaced. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the procedure carefully. This is the only risk involved. Reshaping the enamel to make it too thin can expose the dentin layer beneath the enamel resulting in sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and will as sweet foods. As long as you maintain proper care, you can rest assured the reshaping will change your appearance by giving you a better smile.


If you have reshaped as well as bonded teeth, it is recommended you care for your oral hygiene properly for maintaining their attractive appearance. Bonded teeth are at risk of chipping and staining and therefore you should avoid chewing your nails, having hard foods, chewing pens, etc. Brushing twice a day and flossing will be a requirement which cannot be overlooked, Some other substances to avoid are smoking, having coffee, and substances which can stain the resin.

Reshaping the teeth can be a major confidence booster when undertaken by dental office Katy because they can fix uneven teeth that are noticeable. The procedure can be completed quickly by the dentist without subjecting you to any stress or discomfort. The Katy dental near Cinco Ranch, Mason Rd., can provide the treatment if you contact them for a consultation.