GLO Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX

Many things can cause teeth to become stained. Drinks like coffee, tea, or wine, certain medications, and everyday wear can all yellow your pearly whites. Fortunately, teeth whitening from our Katy, TX dental office can restore your smile to the brightest it’s ever been and can give you your confidence back, as well.

M&G Family Dentistry is proud to use GLO Teeth Whitening, the most effective and advanced teeth whitening technology on the market. The GLO Whitening procedure consists of mouth trays and a whitening solution that we apply to the teeth during the appointment. With the GLO Whitening take-home kit, the patient applies the whitening solution at home after receiving the solution and trays.

Benefits of GLO Teeth Whitening from Our Katy, TX Office

  • GLO Teeth Whitening does not result in tooth sensitivity as many other whitening products do, especially those you can buy at the drugstore.
  • It provides an even whitening across all teeth.
  • The results last a long time with proper oral care.
  • The whitening procedure is safe and effective.
  • It will give you the confidence of a whiter smile.
  • GLO Teeth Whitening can whiten teeth by 4-5 shades in half the time it takes other whitening systems to work.
  • GLO Teeth Whitening can be performed in-office in just 1 hour.

GLO Teeth Whitening Procedure

During your appointment, your Katy dentist will provide you with mouth trays to wear. For the in-office procedure, the dentist will apply the whitening solution to your teeth to begin treatment.

After just 1 hour, you should expect amazing results. You can then use the trays and the whitening solution yourself at home for regular touch-ups. You can either wear the trays twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight, depending on the amount of whitening needed for your specific case.

If you’re interested in GLO teeth whitening, make an appointment with our office in Katy, TX today!

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If you’re interested in GLO Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX,
make an appointment with our office today!

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