Financing Options

Financing Your Dental Care in Katy, TX

We are proud to partner with CareCredit and LendingClub to take care of your financing needs.


CareCredit is a credit card that helps you pay for procedures that aren’t covered by your insurance company. It’s easy to apply online for a card and once approved, you can finance your procedures through low monthly payments and pay them off in no time. CareCredit will finance up to 100% of your bills, which is great for costly procedures. You can also use CareCredit for other medical costs such as doctor’s bills or optometry appointments.


LendingClub differs from CareCredit in that it allows you to take out a loan rather than sending you a credit card. They help you pay for elective dental procedures that your insurance won’t cover as well as other medical expenses. It’s easy to apply through their website and you’ll receive your loan in just a few days. Your monthly payment won’t increase over time, so you can pay it back on your own terms.

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