Benefits of Straightening Teeth with FastBraces

Benefits of Straightening Teeth with FastBraces

Everyone likes to have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. However, the unfortunate many that don’t have straight teeth look for orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth. However, most fear having metal brackets and wires in their mouths for three years or more to achieve their goal. It is why many people still display their crooked teeth and are embarrassed when they smile. Advances in dentistry now ensure dental patients can receive a safe, fast, and cost-effective method of improving their smile using new orthodontic technology called fastbraces. People with orthodontic flaws in their mouths dreaming about having a beautiful smile but without knowledge about fastbraces will do well researching fast braces near me. Let us take a closer look at what fastbraces are and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about this modern orthodontic technology.

The Functioning of FastBraces

Shifting and moving your teeth into better alignment is the basic concept of fast braces in Katy, TX. However, fastbraces is unlike traditional orthodontic treatments as it uses a simplified system without attaching a set of brackets on the teeth, wires passing through them and rubber bands on their sides. Fast braces in Katy provide you with uniquely created triangular brackets attached to your teeth. The triangular brackets are attached to a square-shaped wire reaching down to the roots of your teeth. The square-shaped wire is what makes fastbraces different from traditional orthodontic treatments. When you opt for traditional braces, your teeth are removed and shifted in two phases. Initially, the crowns of the teeth are moved before moving the roots of the teeth. It is why the treatment requires more time. Fast braces in 77449 accomplish the two-step process by turning it into a single operation. Instead of moving your teeth in separate steps, fast braces in TX, move your crown and root simultaneously. The simultaneous movement enables dentists and orthodontists to speed up treatment time to give you a set smile without waiting for years.

The Benefits of Straightening Teeth with FastBraces

The most significant benefit of straightening teeth with fastbraces is the reduction in time for the treatment. However, it isn’t the only benefit. There are many other benefits making fastbraces an excellent treatment choice for several orthodontic patients. Some of the excellent benefits of fast braces include:
  • Fastbraces preserve the natural bite to ensure you don’t have to experience discomfort as you re-learn to speak or chew with your newly aligned teeth.
  • Fastbraces eliminate the need for dental extractions because most patients selecting this option can get fastbraces without tooth removal.
  • If you decide to have fastbraces, you benefit from a single wire in your mouth, reducing the discomfort and embarrassment of displaying a mouthful of metal.
  • The treatment with fastbraces is completed in 50 percent of the time needed by traditional braces. Some people can have straighter teeth and smile in approximately 20 weeks.
  • Fastbraces are not painful.
  • Your tooth roots resorb faster with fastbraces leading to quicker stabilization of your teeth in their new position.

Do You Need Retainers after Treatment with FastBraces?

A concern among many people opting for fastbraces is that the quicker movement of the teeth makes them susceptible to wearing a retainer for a lengthy period. On the contrary, you may express surprise when informed you don’t need to wear retainers for a protracted period. After removing the brackets and wires, you receive a customized retainer which you must wear. The retainer is to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original position. However, the good news is that you don’t need to wear the retainer for as long as you do with traditional orthodontic treatments. Patients undergoing traditional orthodontic treatments need to wear retainers for approximately 22 hours a day for several months. Thankfully the timeline for wearing retainers after treatment with fastbraces is down to merely 10 to 15 minutes a day. Former patients of fastbraces feel comfortable wearing the retainers at night. However, it is often a personal choice and unnecessary to help them maintain their smile. Do you want to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for orthodontic treatment with fastbraces? Schedule an appointment with fast within Katy, TX, where the dentist will assess your orthodontic situation and help determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this new and cost-effective orthodontic treatment.