5 Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

5 Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

The goal of any dentistry treatment is to conduct regular dental cleaning and exams so that you can enjoy a great dental health. The aim of dentist in 77449 is to provide restorative treatment if anything goes wrong with your dental health. It is important for your oral health to retain as much tooth structure as possible so tooth extraction is not something which best dentist in Katy generally consider as an option.

As per Dentistry in Katy, any dentist will first try to explore as many options as possible for treating the underlying condition and will only consider tooth extraction as last resort. However, in some complicated cases, tooth extraction remains the only option.

If the Cinco Ranch Dentist feels that extraction is imperative, he will explain the reasons along with the procedure and how it will benefit you in the long run. The dentists make use of latest digital x-rays so that patients can see themselves why extraction was suggested by the doctor. They will answer all the queries of patients till the time they are comfortable.

Here’s a Look at Some Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

Dental Trauma

A tooth which has fractured or broken below the gum line may need extraction.

Alignment Issues

Tooth extraction becomes imperative because of crowding, improper positioning, and other such alignment issues where there is no other option for treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment

In some children, the dentist feels the need to remove a tooth or two for facilitating tooth development for the rest of the teeth along with making space for proper alignment. The tooth extraction in this case is a part of the preparation for Orthodontic treatment.

Preparation for Dentures

If you are receiving partial or full dentures, the dentist may feel the need of removing several teeth for best outcome.

Wisdom Teeth

It is well known how painful wisdom teeth can turn out to be. If they cause oral health issues and pain and make it difficult to clean, the dentist will better suggest extracting them instead of suffering for life.